Fairclough files for Senate seat

Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 09:15
Redistricting leads changes in Legislature

A little less than a year from now, Rep. Anna Fairclough could be a state senator.

Fairclough, who’s served as Eagle River’s District 17 representative in the state House since 2006, has filed to run for Senate District M. Fairclough, a Republican, is pitted against Sen. Bettye Davis, a Democrat, who’s represented District K for more than a decade.

Due to legislative redistricting announced in June, Senate District M will encompass downtown Eagle River, Eagle River Valley and parts of East Anchorage. Redistricting is conducted every 10 years. This time around, the new districts are supposed to reflect population changes as cited in the 2010 U.S. Census.

The new legislative map will push Sen. Cathy Giessel, who represents District P, and Rep. Mike Hawker, who represents District 32, completely out of Eagle River.

“Basically, it’s a new district,” Fairclough said. “The district is significantly new in numbers.”

And, Fairclough said, she wants to see if those numbers will favor her.

“I’m going to toss my name in the hat and see if the community will support me in persuing that seat,” she said. “The numbers are there for new representation.”

Fairclough, who’s served on the Finance Committee since 2009, said the House hasn’t been able to garner much support from the Senate.

“I’m not sure what is happening in the Senate, but I want to be part of the solution in the future,” she said.

Fairclough said her years in the House would bring a fresh perspective to the Senate.

“I think we have so much in common to move the state forward,” she said of the two legislative bodies.

Fairclough said she listens to everyone’s opinion during a debate.

“I have tried over my elected time to treat people with respect and make sure all sides of the argument are heard so we have the best piece of legislation moving forward,” she said.

Fiscal policy planning is a major issue for Fairclough. And Alaska’s budget is dependent on oil, she said.

“Our future is tied to the price per barrel,” Fairclough said.

Increasing oil production is essential for the state’s economy, Fairclough said.

“We’ve got to pave the way to energize Alaska,” she said. “It could be a way to diversify our economy.”

But the state also needs a plan if oil prices drop or production on the North Slope decreases, she said.

Running for Senate took much consideration, Fairclough said.

“It’s humbling to place yourself before voters,” she said. “I don’t take it lightly.”


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