"City Slicker" draws many laughs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 20:00

Saturday sevening the Chugiak Players held the second showing of their premier production, “The City Slicker and Our Nell,” an old fashioned melodrama which was pronounced a success by all who attended the three performances.

The case was made up almost entirely of residents of the Chugika-Birchwood-Eagle River and Peters Creek area, and the group hold future plans for more such productions.

The audience responded to the old-fashioned melodrama by hissing and booing the villaion, Sheridan Doughla, as played by Les Fetrow when he appeared, and by taking the young and handsome hero Dan Tucker played by Chuck Partin into their hearts.

Special mention goes to Rocky Scalia, of Ft. Richardson who stole the show with his portrayal of Toby Snodgrass, the not so dumb hill-billy who saved the day for “Our Nell.”

The audience was in a most receptive mood for the play following a series of olio acts, featuring a hula by Miss Vicki Johnson, a comic duet by Jo Frankfourth and Billy Moore and a hill-billy number with Bill Lowe, Rocky Scalia, Chuck Partin and Kitty Lowe.

(Note: At that time, the Chugiak Players performed on the stage in the Chugiak Elementary School’s multi-purpose room (now Chugiak Children’s Center). The Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society has a copy of this production’s playbook in their archives.)


Compiled by Jinny Kirk and Dennis Bel Isle of the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. CERS is located at 18606 Old Glenn Highway. To contact them, email [email protected], call 688-4706 or visit them online at cerhs.org.

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