No one hurt in Tuesday fire

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 15:53
Two people were inside house on Eagle River Road; wood stove suspected
A firefighter inspects part of a roof that burned on a log cabin near Mile 4.2 of Eagle River Road on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

A log cabin on Eagle River Road caught fire Tuesday afternoon, but two people inside at the time were able to escape without injury.

The blaze was confined to an upstairs area and a section of the roof, according to AFD Station 11 Chief Steve Kostlin.

Neighbors in a passing car spotted the fire and called the fire department, which arrived within five minutes. Witness Jake Heitstuman said he and his mother were driving by when they noticed flames coming from the roof of the cabin, located at 22833 Eagle River Road.

"It looked like it was confined to that one room by the chimney there," Heitstuman said.

Heitstuman said the two people inside were able to get out of the cabin without incident.

Capt. Kostlin said eight firefighters from station 11, along with more than a dozen from Anchorage, responded to the fire, which was under control "within minutes."

"We rolled up and apparently it was a chimney fire that got into the roof," he said.

Kostlin said a wood stove upstairs was the likely culprit of the blaze, though he couldn't say whether the fire started inside the chimney or from clothing catching fire near the stove. Firefighters clearing out the upstairs area tossed several pairs of charred blue jeans to the snow-covered ground below.

Kostlin reminded people with wood-burning stoves to make sure and keep areas around their stove clear of flammable materials and check to make sure chimneys are swept.

"If you haven't already, service your pipe and stove and make sure they're clean," he said.

He said people can't be too careful when it comes to heating their homes this time of year.

"Just practice safe habits with woodburning heating sources," he said.

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