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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 20:00
40 years ago this week
Elves work overtime for tomorrow night

“Workers at the North Pole are working overtime shifts this week, the Star learned in an exclusive interview with Mrs. Santa Claus just before press time today,” read the opening sentence of a front-page story in the Dec. 23, 1971 Chugiak-Eagle River Star.

According to the story, Santa was in the final stages of preparing his annual Christmas delivery blitz, and Mrs. Claus wished to pass on a special message to local children.

“Be sure to tell all the little boys and girls to go to bed early,” Mrs. Claus told the reporter. “It is getting harder and harder for Santa to get to all the boys and girls all over the world, and since Chugiak and Eagle River are close to the North Pole, it’s important that the children get to bed early. Santa can’t deliver the gifts until the children are tucked in bed and fast asleep, you know.”


Lighting contest wraps up

Judging in Matanuska Electric Association’s Outdoor Lighting Contest was set to end the night of Dec. 23. Judges were busy touring areas of town, with prizes set to be awarded in residential, business, club and organization categories. The winning homeowners would be awarded appliances, with the winning business getting a trophy and the top club or organization getting a coffee urn.


Not a bad deal

From the classifieds:

“DUPLEX — 2 bdrm. Carpet. Close to Eagle River Shopping Center. $220 per month, heat included.”

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