Spiritual Well Being

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 06:30

Christmas is the season when churches fill up with people as the birth of the Messiah is celebrated around the world. This is a very busy time in our lives of hustle and bustle when we often overlook taking care of our spiritual well being. During the holidays, we are often faced with many challenges in our home, work, family, church, and relationships. Where you are spiritually today is the starting point for growth. The following suggestions will help you grow spiritually during this season:

First, choose a church you will be comfortable attending. For example, some churches have more activities and events than others and others may focus more on youth groups or Bible studies. Ask friends and family members where they attend church, and also what they enjoy about the church where they attend. When seeking a new church, consider how welcoming it is and if the style of worship brought you closer to where you want to be spiritually.

Secondly, look for opportunities to find a Bible study topic that interests you and a supportive group of other members where you are comfortable asking questions. Bible study groups that focus on how to apply the Scriptures into our daily lives are most beneficial.

Lastly, find some quiet time at home which will allow you to meditate and increase your spiritual well being. Silence and meditation is a time and place to commune and build a relationship with God to find answers to your spiritual dilemmas. Nurture your spiritual well being throughout the year and you will find unimaginable growth in your life. God bless.

Happy New Year!


This column is the opinion of Sirpa Gorman. Gorman is a board member of Love in the Name of Christ of Eagle River. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a private practice in Eagle River.

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