Passing of a death trap

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 20:00

As winter draws to a close, we are suddenly aware that a milestone has been passed for this community.

This is the first winter that the new Eagle River Bridge has been in use.

Most significant of this fact is that there has not been one single traffic jam on the hill, caused by icy roads.

In the past the sometimes almost comical gaggle of cars tied up on the hill was a regular occurrence whenever the weather took a turn.

The absence of any such a jam, in view of the fact that this winter has had an unusually heavy amount of road ice is a very great relief to residents of this area.

The traffic hazard of the old Eagle River Hill was not always comical, as witnessed by the thirteen crosses that at one time stood at the side of the road as a grim reminder of those who lost their lives in accidents on the hill.

The passing of that particular death trap from our community is one which not any of us regrets.

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