Col. Goins checks in from the front

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 10:57

It has been a busy month for the Spartan Team. CSM Gardner and I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the battle space over the past few weeks and see our men and women in action. With all due respect to many wise historians, it feels as if we have been blessed to command “the greatest generation.” The members of Task Force Spartan are serving proudly and demonstrating the values that we hold dear as an institution and as a nation to the people of Afghanistan.

The Afghan National Security Forces 1st Brigade, 203rd Corps has proven to be a committed friend and partner. They are continuing to increase their capability to conduct operations independently. Every day our companies are working shoulder-to-shoulder with Afghan forces. This is helping us to connect with the population, and bring terrorists to justice. We have had great success in the last four weeks at removing violent criminals from the population. The enemy is on the defensive. With our Afghan brothers-in-arms, we will keep it that way.

In addition to our successes against insurgents, we are also helping the Afghan people to improve their quality of life. While deployed, Task Force Spartan works with two Provincial Reconstruction Teams and two Agribusiness Development Teams. These units are staffed with a mix of Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and government civilians. They bring unique experiences to the mission in the form of non-combat-related specialized skill sets. They work with local leaders to teach the population how to improve their agricultural and economic foundations. This is vital to helping develop a self-sustaining economy that will lead to further stability across eastern Afghanistan.

Our female engagement teams continue to patrol, helping us to communicate with local women and hear their concerns.

In addition to removing terrorists from the region, we are working hard to ensure the population has the knowledge needed to create new economic opportunities to strengthen the nation. 

We have no doubt that they will continue to excel and that we will leave behind a piece of eastern Afghanistan where our Afghan partners have taken full control of security and stability.

Though we are far away, you can stay in touch with us by checking in on our facebook ( and DVIDS ( sites. We’re working hard to keep the latest information posted.

As we mark the first full month in this mission, we remember our loved ones that we left behind. You are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We know you’ve got our backs at home and look forward to returning to you.

We are decisively engaged in the mission our nation has called us to and thank all of you for your prayers and support. By, with, and through full partnership with our Afghan partners, we are making a difference for our nations.

Sparta Lives!


— Col. Morris Goins
Commander, Task Force Spartan

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