Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 13:38
Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society

Bandit assaults fire chief


A masked bandit, caught attempting to hold up a liquor store, made his escape after an attempt upon Chugiak Fire Chief Fred Hahn last Friday.

Hahn and his wife were at Bradley’s Shopping Center* in Eagle River purchasing supplies for the Fireman’s dance, when Bradley suddenly decided to check the adjoining liquor store.

He (Bradley) discovered a man wearing a silk stocking over his head in the act of entering the back door of the store. The prowler carried a nickel plated revolver.

Bradley slammed the door between the market and the liquor store and attempted to call the State Police on the phone. After a delay of five or more minutes (there was some difficulty in putting through the call) Hahn decided to check outside. Hahn said, “…I was not trying to be a hero, I was sure that the guy had left by this time.”

Hahn saw this person peering in the back door of the liquor store, but still did not think it was the hold-up man, but some neighborhood youngster. He called out and then asked what he was doing. The man mumbled something and started to walk away, then apparently changed his mind and turned on Hahn and pulled his gun. He ordered Hahn to turn around and to raise his hands. Then he struck Hahn on the back of the head and ran off.

Hahn was taken to the Eagle River office of Dr. Simpson** where stitches were necessary.

Bradley said that although there was slightly under one hundred dollars in the cash register in the liquor store, none of the money was taken. He also said that he had heard no noise that may have made him suspect that someone may have been entering the liquor store, “…it was just a sixth sense.” He has since installed a complete burglar alarm system in his store.

* Bradley’s Shopping Center was located in the new abandoned Eagle River Bowl building above and behind the Haute Quarter Grill.

** In 1960, Dr. Simpson was the only medical doctor in Chugiak-Eagle River.


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