X-treme club highlights freestyle sports and community service

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 09:05
On Saturday Jan. 28, a new Lions Club was born.

On Saturday Jan. 28, a new Lions Club was born. It was sponsored by the Benton Bay Athletic Lions Club in Anchorage. It is called the Alaska State Sno-x Lions Club, or “ASSLC.” It has members who are striving to bring freestyle snowmobile riding to the area. These young men and women (average age is 25) are enthusiastic and wanting to help.

As the Club accepted its new charter from Lions International, four or five young men came in to get information, two of them signed up to become members right then and there. So before our eyes the club grew from 22 members to 24 in seconds. How exciting to see young people trying to help themselves and their community.

This club wants to promote the sport of snocross/freestyle and offer community practice and competition facilities from beginner tracks, for younger kids, to advanced tracks, replicating an X-Games style course. With experienced professionals, ASSLC can also help the younger generation get in contact with the correct personnel to pursue opportunities at a professional level.

With the athlete as their primary focus, the ASSLC hopes to target the younger generation to help grow the future of snocross and Freestyle. The club wants to help athletes on and off the track, opening doors to advancement within the sport and community. By offering their knowledge and expertise of the sport they want everyone to enjoy new experiences and also provide the athletes with confidence and support they need to successfully take their talent to a new level.

This doesn't mean that they won't be doing fundraisers and helping other clubs; on the contrary, it will be an infusion of young blood into an organization that gives to so many and asks so little in return. Welcome aboard AK State Sno-x Lions Club!


To learn more about this or other Lions clubs visit www.lions.org, or call Amy at 301-9179.

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