So, who you voting for?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 20:00

No, it’s not quite time to make up your mind when it comes to the upcoming 2012 presidential election. You’ve still got nine months of conventions, political ads and debates before that day arrives.

But just like spring seems to be sneaking up on us with each passing day, this year’s municipal elections are closer than you might think.

This year’s elections will be held April 3 — about a month from now — and the local campaign season has sprung into full swing. You may have noticed candidates for the contested mayoral and school board seats are becoming much more visible these days, with signs and advertisements beginning to pop up with increasing regularity.

This year’s election will also include several bond proposals, including one for $59 million that would go toward local schools.

Now is the time to start getting educated about the election, and we can think of no better way to do that than by attending the upcoming candidates forum on Friday, Mar. 2 at the Eagle River Lions clubhouse.

The two principal mayoral candidates, Mayor Dan Sullivan and Assemblyman Paul Honeman, will attend the forum, as will most of the candidates running for school board. Since the three school board seats that will be up for grabs next month selected by a citywide vote, this forum will give Chugiak-Eagle River voters their best chance to hear what the candidates plan to do for our area.

Getting involved in politics — especially on a Friday night — might not seem like everyone’s idea of a great time. But the outcome of the election will affect all of us, whether we have kids in school or not. We all have a stake in what happens with our local schools, and it’s hard to argue that the mayoral election won’t have an impact on our daily lives.

The forum, which will be co-hosted by the Sleeping Lady Lions and the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber, will be moderated by radio personality Casey Reynolds. There’s even going to be snacks for sale!

It’s important in a democracy for citizens to be well informed when they go to the polling places. Listening to the candidates’ platforms and ideas firsthand is the best and easiest way to find out what each of them stand for — and to decide who best will serve our needs in the years to come.

We hope to see you there.


Happy trails

We’d like to wish all the mushers heading down the Iditarod Trail this weekend a safe and successful race — especially the two locals planning to make the run to Nome.

Chugiak’s Jim Lanier and Mike Suprenant will join the likes of Baker, Buser and Jonrowe when the race gets underway this coming Sunday in Willow, and it will be great to see them back out there. Both men were forced to withdraw from last year’s race due to health reasons. But as we all know, it’s tough to keep a Chugiaker down. We’ll be pulling for these neighbors of ours — and their dogs — to have a successful trip across Alaska.

Good luck, guys!

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