Naval battle waged on Mirror Lake

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 20:00

Peters Creek — A violent disagreement among several boat owners on Mirror Lake last Sunday led State Police to issue a warning to all local residents who use this popular recreation area for swimming and boating.

The rhubarb was instigated by an airboat, powered by a 180-horsepower aircraft engine, which apparently created heavy wakes that threatened to swamp many of the smaller boats.

When State Police arrived, having been summoned by an unidentified party, they found a number of boats engaged in a “naval battle” with the airboat, trying to swamp it with their wakes.

This was creating a very dangerous situation to the smaller boats, swimmers and all concerned. The trooper was able to talk to the individual involved in the disagreement and convince them that their behavior was both dangerous and childish. However, he was alarmed at the complete absence of water safety being observed by the individuals using the lake.

The proximity of Mirror Lake to Anchorage, and its accessibility to the highway, has made it a Mecca to boating enthusiasts from that city as well as from the local area. On a warm sunny day, such as last Sunday, the surface of the lake is literally covered with boats ranging from high-powered cruisers to kayaks. This, with the water skiers and swimmers, adds up to a potential water hazard.

The state police pointed out that there has already been a near drowning at Mirror Lake this year, and in view of the other drownings which took place in the state this past weekend, they predict that Mirror Lake could very well be the site of the next tragedy.

It was felt that this situation should be brought to the attention of the local residents, with the hope that more caution and water safety will be exercised.


This article was edited by the Memory Retrievers and submitted by the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. Reach the society at [email protected]

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