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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 20:00
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Heavy snow gobbles up budget

A heavy dumping of late-winter snow did more than stop traffic and close schools for two days. It also took a big bite out of Eagle River’s street maintenance budget, according to a story on page 2 of the March 28, 2002 Alaska Star.

Local road board member Ted Kinney told the Star that officials estimated additional costs from the unexpected snow were about $100,000. That’s exactly how much the board thought would be left in the year’s budget.

On March 16-17, Eagle River got 20 inches of snow, while Birchwood was hit with 26 inches. The snowfall total in Anchorage for the storm was 28.6 inches to set a single-day record.


Freddies gets liquor ‘OK’

The Anchorage Assembly approved a liquor license transfer to the proposed Eagle River Fred Meyer store.

The approval meant the store had two of its three needed permits to continue developing a planned “super-store” at the intersection of Northgate Drive and the Old Glenn Highway. The company’s overall conditional use permit was slated to go before the assembly later in the spring.


Paintball vandals make their mark

Two separate paintball incidents were reported to Anchorage police.

According to spokesman Ron McGee, a resident of the Brookside Apartments on Meadow Creek Drive reported someone shot the exterior walls about 15 times with purple and pink paintballs.

The same week, police said a resident of Winter Park Place said someone shot his car and house with paintballs. Both men who reported the vandalism said the paintballing was an ongoing problem in their neighborhoods.

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