Chugiak choir takes first at Heritage Festival

Friday, April 6, 2012 - 08:39
Men’s, women’s, concert groups earn gold rating

Chugiak High’s concert choir won first place at the Heritage Festival at New York’s Riverside Cathedral on March 21-26.

The choir, made up of 40 male and female students, was the top group in the 2A division — schools with fewer than 1,400 students — out of 16 at the festival, said Chugiak choral director Ron Lange.

Chugiak’s men’s and women’s choir each won second place and all three choirs received a gold rating.

Lange said he was “really, really happy” with his students’ performance.

“It was cool,” he said. “We enjoyed it.”

Chugiak travels Outside every year for a festival, Lange said, but New York drew fierce competition.

“The competition was pretty difficult,” he said.

Lange said the festival was a great experience for Chugiak’s choir.

“It was world class judges and a world class facility,” he said.

Chugiak’s performance also earned them a spot in next year’s Festival of Gold — an invite-only event — at Carnegie Hall, Lange said. All three Chugiak choirs were invited, he said.

Though the choir is planning on traveling to Italy next year, Lange said the Festival of Gold invitation was a great honor.

Chugiak’s choir is made up of: Luke Aschenbrenner, Matthew Bennett, Michael Bennett, Michelle Boone, Gage Bradford, Tilly Cantor, Parker Collins, Nathan Dennis, Grant Ensign, Autumn George, Shealyn Golden, Brandon Greenfelder, Bibb Haviland, Ciara Hefner, Terra Holayter, Madison Huffman, Taylor Huffman, Alexandra Kitchen, Kennedy Kruchoski, Philip Lambert, Jimmy Lanier, Brianna Lundberg, Casey Mills, Heidi O’Hara, Emily Randall, Erin Shue, Sijo Smith, Trevor Spackman, Karlana Stockhouse, Kody Trombley, Tess Whaley, Ping Waroonee, Linda Bower, Kimberlee Pekrul, Breanna Lowe, Brianna Mike, Brianna Whitney, Korrina Buckland, Matea Williams, Angela Wood and Michaela Stefan.


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