The Lions Park story

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 20:00

Last week the last tree was cut and the poles hauled away in preparation for final clearing of stumps and leveling by machinery on the ball diamond area of the Eagle River Lions Club sponsored Community Park.

The 40-acre plot located on Eagle River Road near the Eagle River Loop intersection was obtained by the Lions about four years ago. This summer has seen a major effort, shared by a small number of Lions and as many as 17 nearby residents who contributed a great amount of work and time, including evenings and weekends, on the project. They even braved the hornets to further this project, which is actually a community improvement item, according to Lions Park Committee chair Bob Thomas.

When ready for the work of stump clearing by machinery, the project was struck by a disheartening rumor that the area was now part of the Chugach State Park! It was feared that possibly all effort was in vain and a lost cause. But that rumor proved false. Since the Lions were sponsoring it for community use, it was approved.

The area now being cleared is primarily for a Little League ball diamond, but such additional activity as girls softball, adult invitational or challenge games, and even an annual community carnival are envisioned.

“We may eventually have a name for the park, such as ‘Old Road Park’ or ‘Lions Road Park,’” Mr. Thomas said.

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