Eagle River theater goes "Reckless"

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 00:14
Spring play offers ‘twists and turns’
ERHS sophomore Zach Foster acts out a scene from “Reckless” on April 17. The play will be performed Friday and Saturday, April 27-28 at Eagle River High at 7 p.m.

Get ready for a “Reckless” ride. 

Eagle River High’s spring play, “Reckless,” opens at the school Friday, April 27 and continues Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m. 

Director and ERHS teacher Andrea Lang said she selected the play because it offers more than other productions that are popular for teens. 

“We often choose shows that aren’t necessarily the norm for high school,” she said. “I like more in-depth characters.” 

And “Reckless” is full of them. 

The play follows the lead character, Rachel, who leaves her husband after he takes out a contract on her life. Rachel moves in with a couple who both harbor secrets. 

The fast-talking Rachel, too, has her own neuroses. 

“The main character has got some psychological issues,” said sophomore Zach Foster, who plays Rachel’s husband, Tom. 

All of the characters have secrets, which become woven together throughout the play, said senior Andrea Hackley, who plays Rachel. The intricate script makes for a great dark comedy, she said. 

“People can expect to be surprised and laugh,” Hackley said. 

The play also offers several twists and turns, Lang said. 

“It’s not a predictable show,” she said.  

Hackley said “Reckless” gives cast members a chance to play out-of-the-ordinary roles. 

“The characters themselves are really unique,” she said. “It’s fun to do that acting because it’s so opposite of how you are in real life.” 

That’s just what Lang was going for. 

“They have to see inside these people, even though they’re nothing like them,” Lang said. “It makes us a more tolerable society. That’s what we should be teaching.” 

Despite the flaws of each character, they’re still relatable to the audience and cast members, Foster said. 

“A lot of people can connect to this,” he said. “A lot of people can relate to their character.” 

Foster said Lang chose a talented cast, and everybody involved in the production works well together. 

“I’m having a lot of fun with this cast,” he said. “I enjoy every second of it.” 

Tickets cost $10 for general admission and $7 for students, seniors and military personnel.

Come final curtain call Saturday night, Foster said he’ll have to fight back the tears. 

“I love this cast,” he said. “I love this set.” 


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