Lions International a green machine

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 21:56

A Chinese proverb advises us to keep a green tree in our hearts and perhaps a singing bird will come. As we reach the last few months of this Lions year, I can say with certainty that we Lions have planted millions of green trees, our hearts and minds are full of belief and good will towards others, and “singing birds” in the form of beautiful landscapes, purer air and protection of soil and wildlife will descend on all corners of the globe. The trees we have planted are the result of the power of “We Believe.”

Lions are not planting trees to merely meet a goal or compile an impressive statistic but we are responding to the needs of our communities. We are planting seeds of healing as well as health and well-being.

April is the time of Earth Day, and in the Northern Hemisphere the earth reawakens and brings us the glory of spring. Now is time to keep picking up our shovels and beautifying and healing the planet. How much can we do? The answer is in your hearts, and never underestimate the heart of a Lion. Our belief in our service mission and one another has propelled us into action. “I Believe” has become “We Believe.”

We have been able to plant as many trees as we have because of numerous partnerships. Lions in Kenya are partnering with the Aga Khan Development Network to plant 1.5 million trees, Lions in southern India planted 3.4 million trees with the help of several groups and Lions in small towns and big cities in many nations are similarly working with others to beautify their neighborhoods. Lions roar loudest when we roar with others. That holds true not only with trees but also with our sight projects, disater relief and youth programs. “We Believe” is so strong and powerful that it sweeps up others and channels their energies and resources to our goals. Let us continue to reach out to others and plant the seeds of partnerships among goodhearted non-Lions.


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