"Tis the season of hope"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 22:18

St. Andrew Catholic Church

The Gospels are filled with stories of hope. We are in the season of hope. Some people call this the season of Pentecost.

I think of Joseph and how he must have hoped that he had done the right thing by taking Mary into his home. How he must have hoped he could find shelter, when he realized she was in labor, and he hoped he could outrun Herod’s army on a donkey. Did he hope that he would find safety for his family when he got to Egypt, and did he hope that the people of his hometown would accept Jesus and Mary, when he moved back to Nazareth? We do not have stories of the joy Joseph must have had seeing Jesus grow up in his house, but we can imagine how Joseph would have been delighted to know that what he taught Jesus was going to be forever part of His life.

I think of the Magi and their hope, as they started out on their journey looking for their new king. Such a long journey, and all the time hoping that the star they were following was the star the ancient prophets had foretold. Hoping that all this was not going to turn out to be time and energy wasted. I think of the great joy they had, when they found the baby and recognized him. The joy they had all the way home. I think their families threw a big party when they finally got home.

Think of the prodigal son and the hope he must have had in his heart, as he started back to his father’s house. He would have hoped that his father would accept him back and would forgive him for the outrageous thing he had done. I think of the father waiting and watching, hoping that his son would return. Hope is a living thing that helps keep us moving toward the Father’s love. I think of the joy the father had in his heart when he saw his son coming. A joy so great, that the father ran out to greet the son and then threw a big party to celebrate. I hope my Father is waiting for me, and waiting to throw a big party when I see him face to face.

I think of the great hope the friends of the paralytic had that maybe Jesus could cure their paralyzed friend. The hope the paralytic had that maybe he could walk again. The friends carried him to the house where Jesus was and didn’t get discouraged, when they saw the big crowd surrounding the house. To the roof they went, and then they proceeded to rip a hole in the roof. Their hope was that Jesus could cure him. The Gospel does not tell us of the great joy they all had when Jesus cured their friend, but I always smile when I read that story and imagine the celebration that fantastic bunch of friends must have had. Of course the people who owned the house probably told the story about the hole in their roof for generations.

I hope I will always be lucky enough to have friends who will carry me to Jesus.

It seems to me that in each case, hope leads to joy. I look at the pussy willows just starting to bloom, even though there is still an enormous amount of snow on the ground. The pussy willows must have a lot of hope that there will be spring again in Alaska.

We have lived through a winter of great snowfalls, but I have hope that spring will come with flowers and colors, and we will be filled with great joy as we remember the Resurrection of Jesus.


This column is the opinion of Marguerite Culthane and provided by Love INC.


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