Skipper's help invaluable

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 09:29

I know Kim Skipper is running for State House in Alaska and wanted to share a story with you about her tremendous concern and care for others.

Kim Skipper has gone above and beyond to help a military family. Due to some clerical errors and governmental red tape, my friends Sgt. and Kathrin Wohleb were about to have their lives torn apart. Sgt. Wohleb was being stationed in the U.S. and his German wife and young son were not going to be allowed to enter the states with him. His wife had erroneously been banned from visiting the states for ten years.

They sought help through multiple agencies, JAG included, and their representatives and senators. No one would help or even respond to their requests for aid. I knew of Kim’s hard work and efforts in the Legislature and asked for her input on where we could turn next. Kim, with her usual tenacity and focus, began making calls and writing letters. Within a month she had the problem resolved. If it were not for Kim’s dedication and hard work, this wonderful little family would have been shattered. They are now happily living together stateside, thanks to Kim’s endeavors. I fully support Kim Skipper for State House. She will work hard for you!


—Amber Stivers,

Military wife and Mom


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