The story of Collect and Deliver (Part 1)

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 09:22

Collect and Deliver were angels who were also sisters. They had been created by God to gather the souls of the recently deceased and bring those souls either directly to heaven or to the training station. Most souls needed to go to the training station to learn all the protocols of heaven and have time to adjust to the fact that their life on earth was over.

Collect and Deliver had been working together for many years, but one morning Collect woke up and discovered she had a terrible cold. She really didn’t want to go to work, so she called her office to tell the dispatch angel that she needed to stay home in bed. But when she told her story to the dispatcher, she was told that there was a real shortage of gathering angels that day and she needed to come in to work as soon as possible.

When she got into the office her sister, Deliver, was there waiting for her with some bad news. It seemed that for the first time the two of them would be gathering souls separately. Collect could hardly believe her orders. She was to go to earth and gather the souls of TWO recently deceased persons, while her sister, Deliver only had to gather one soul. Collect went into St. Peter’s office to ask if the assignment could be changed, as she was not feeling well. But St. Peter looked at her very sternly and said no. The assignments would stand and she better get to work, before the souls of the recently deceased started to wander around and get lost.

Collect had to go to a small village where a severe wind storm was in progress. A man that was known to be a compulsive gambler had been walking home, when he got killed by a falling tree. His soul was just leaving his body when Collect got there, just in time to gather him into her strong arms. The soul of the gambler began immediately to complain and ask questions about where she was taking him. Collect explained that she was taking him to the heavenly training station. But the gambling soul did not believe her, and demanded to be set free. He struggled and pulled and pushed so hard that it was difficult for Collect to hang onto him, and she still had another soul to gather.

The second soul was that of an old man. He had been up on the roof of his house trying to nail down the shingles in the storm, when he fell and was killed. Like the gambler, his soul was just leaving his body when Collect got there. It was very difficult to gather the soul of the old man as the gambler was still struggling and pushing and trying to convince her to let him go, as he knew he was not worthy to go to heaven. When the soul of the old man heard that they were being taken to heaven, he also began to complain, and insisted that a serious mistake had been made.

It was all Collect could do to hang onto the two of them. She saw a high bluff that was a perfect place to stop and put the two souls down. Here she could keep an eye on them and at the same time blow her nose. She put the two souls on the edge of the cliff in front of her, and then gave them both a direct order to stop their complaining, and tell her just exactly why they thought they were unworthy to go to heaven.


to be continued…

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