35 years ago this week in the Chugiak-Eagle River Star...

Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 05:51

At Proctor’s Grocery

Beef hearts, 89 cents per pound; chunk bologna, 89 cents per pound; beef liver, 69 cents per pound; 5 oz. Vienna sausage, 39 cents per can.


Potluck to aid homesteader

A community potluck was scheduled to benefit Elsie Oberg, who had been battling cancer for eight months. Oberg had been a volunteer in the area for many years, and the potluck was “an opportunity to express our gratitude in a tangible way,” said one organizer. Those attending were asked to bring “food, forks and family.” There was a $5 charge for adults and $2.50 for children. Families were also asked to bring a main dish, salad or dessert.


In the classifieds

Found: Girls bike in yard after spring thaw. Identify and pay for ad.

5-bedroom house on 1 acre with new appliances throughout and a one-and-a-half car garage for sale by owner. $57,000.

1964 camp trailer, 12 foot, good condition w/propane stove, tank and icebox. $900.

Two 60-foot spruce trees. U-haul. Make offer.

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