Collect and Deliver (Part 2)

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 09:20

The gambler explained that he had wasted his talent and money all his life, and certainly was not worthy of heaven. The soul of the old man told how he had never gone to church and had never really helped anyone, so he was also sure he was not worthy to go to heaven. But, as soon as the old man finished his story, the gambler spoke up and said that none of that was true. The old man had always noticed when he had gone into town, and then the old man would go to the gambler’s house and leave a flower or a little rock on the porch. Each flower or rock came with a note saying how he missed his friend the gambler, and how the gambler’s humor and laughter made his life better. The gambler went on to tell how much these little notes of kindness had meant to him, and because he knew there was a note of kindness waiting for him when he finally came home, that he often held back that last bet so he would have enough money to get home. The gambler knew the old man was worthy of heaven, even if the old man didn’t know it yet.

Just then Deliver arrived. She, like Collect, was exhausted. She also had to gather a soul that was positive she was unworthy to go to heaven. It was the soul of a little old lady that lived in the village very close to the gambler and the old man. She had insisted that she was not worthy, as she had never done anything to help anyone else.

Collect and Deliver decided it was not their job to decide who went to heaven, so they picked up the old man and the gambler and took them both to the heavenly training station. But as soon as they got there, the old lady that Deliver had brought in earlier, recognized the gambler and gave him a big hug and told him how delighted she was to see him. Collect and Deliver asked her how she knew the gambler and the old lady explained that the gambler was very clever and often won big sums of money, which he used to buy her groceries and pay her rent after she had become too old to work. Then the old lady went on to complain again about how she had never done anything to help others, and was certainly not a worthy candidate for heaven. With this, the gambler spoke up again and began telling stories about how the old lady had let him stay at her house when he was down on his luck, and how she made big pots of soup for many people in the poor neighborhood she lived in, and how he knew that sometimes she gave away her medicine he had brought her to someone even worse off than her

All this just goes to prove that even if you don’t feel worthy, God sees you, and that even if you don’t feel good, you can still do the work of the Lord.


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