31 years ago this week in the Chugiak-Eagle River Star

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 21:44

Residents support Olympic-size rink

“There will be an Olympic size ice surface, increased amount of seating and more locker room space with the multipurpose room becoming an option in the new recreation center being constructed in the area if the crowd of local citizens who turned out at Tuesday’s public meeting have their say,” read a story in the May 28, 1981 edition of the Chugiak-Eagle River Star. “The local residents who came to the meeting were there to comment and ask questions about Galen Grant’s preliminary Phase II report of the three-phase study of the building, which is being funded by a $5.5 million legislative grant...”

The building became what is now known as the Harry McDonald Center.


Light bill increases 16.79 percent in June

Electric bills to be mailed to Chugiak-Eagle River customers of Matanuska Electric Association on June 5 would reflect an across-the-board increase of 16.79 percent, according to a story in the Star.

The story said the increase was granted by the Alaska Public Utilities Association.


Proctor’s Grocery has a sale

Over at Proctor’s Grocery, a 32-ounce jar of mayonnaise was on sale for $1.39, a chuck roast was being advertised for $1.69 per pound and avacados were listed at four for a buck. A package of butter was going for $1.89 and Brawny brand paper towels cost $0.77 per roll.

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