Don't misuse donation box

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 20:35

I want to share my thoughts on a problem happening over and over again in Eagle River.

The ARCA donation box, located in the Walmart parking lot, is continuously flooded with unusable items. The containers are clearly marked “CLOTHING ONLY,” yet people dump off their unwanted items beside the containers. Today was just one of the many times I have been disappointed in our community. Who could possibly feel good about donating items that will be sitting in rain, sleet and snow until getting picked up? As a mom of a large family, we needed help now and then. We used, and still use, many of the services offered by secondhand stores. The mattress sitting in today’s rain was heartbreaking! Someone could have used it. Why would people feel the less fortunate families in our town would want a wet and soon to be moldy mattress? Obviously that person has never needed basic items for their home, and had to be on a budget. Shame on you!


— Elly Fry

Eagle River

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