Men top boys in nostalgia game

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 20:13
(Condensed from an article in the Dec. 13, 1976 Chugiak-Eagle River Star)

It was nostalgia night Monday in the Chugiak High School gym as members of former Mustang basketball teams divided themselves and met in an old-timers vs. recent graduates game. The “Men” topped the “Boys” by a 64-44 score.

The game followed a potluck dinner in which alumni and their families met, ate and reminisced. Attending the dinner were graduates from each of the school’s classes since the first in 1965. From that class was Sam Cotton, first student body president and now a state legislator from Eagle River.

During the basketball game, spectators were hard-pressed to identify many of the players. Some had more hair, some less, than when they were members of their respective Chugiak teams. Some were heavier, some weighed less. Playing styles helped jog memories in many cases.

High scorer for the game was Harvey Pullen with 28 points, followed by Steve Jordan with 14. Steve Willis and Jim Weber were top guns for the youngsters.

Playing for the old-timers were, 1965: Sam Cotton; 1966: Butch Phillips, Bill Mielke, Bob Mielke; 1967: Harvey Pullen; 1969: Ken Miller, Jim Kraft; 1970: Steve Czerske; 1971: Dan Moore, Steve Jordan, Fred Herbert; 1972: Rod Willis; 1973: Glenn Reed, Dick Cummings.

For the “Boys,” the roster included, 1974: Dave Baranow, Chuck Miller, Charlie Willis, Jim Weber, Jim Bowles, Steve Stadlebauer; 1975: Lance Yarborough, Milt Haken, Dale Miller, Steve Finch; 1976: Cliff Wilkerson, Joe Frietag, Dan Wiggers and Greg Zimmerman.

Sponsor Andy Kirk said the old-timers won because they were in better shape. He attributed this to the fact that the younger men are still getting themselves established following high school, while the older graduates now have time to spend getting in shape. Pullen and Jordan play regularly in Anchorage leagues.


* A note to our readers: Following a story about Paul Swanson discovering a big tank he had purchased on Base that contained an airplane engine that he finally deposited in his yard on Swanee Slopes with a for sale sign attached, we asked if anyone knew the outcome of this tale. We finally received a call from former Chugiak resident Kaye Fleming, who now lives in Arizona. She infomed us that when she and her husband, Bob, bought the Swanson property in the early 1960s, the engine was still in the yard. Finally, a couple of gentlemen stopped by one afternoon to inquire about it, paid a nominal amount of money, and hauled it off to somewhere in Palmer (she thinks). We would enjoy knowing any follow-up to this story. You can leave a message on our voicemail, 688-4706 (was out of commission for a few weeks, but back in working order now).


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