"The Far North Land Merchant"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 16:34

From a column by editor Rusty Bellringer in the Knik Arm Courier, Aug. 17, 1960:

We cannot help but feel that in the past few weeks there must have been a sudden influx of persons into Chugiak. In the past week alone, we have had numerous inquiries as to whether we knew of any homes in the area for rent or sale.

Unfortunately, we were unable to help these persons, other than to refer them to the one person in Chugiak who could answer their question. Namely, Tom Slanker, the Far North Land Merchant.

Mr. Slanker, who lists only property in Chugiak, is the logical man for both the would-be Chugiak resident and the prospective landlords to get in touch with. He is in a position to either find suitable housing for interested parties, or to help you sell or rent your home.

The Courier aims to oblige, but on the subject of homes for sale or rent, we just don’t seem to get the word. The Far North Land Merchant is your man. If you or your friends are looking for a rental, call HO-2-5340, and save yourself both time and trouble.


On the back page of the same issue of the Curier were these classifieds:

FOR RENT: 3 room house w/entry. Furnished, not modern. $50/mo. (in Birchwood) Call Tofson H-2-5205

ATTENTION TEACHERS: House trailers for rent. 1 and 2 bedroom. Eagle River Trailer Court. Call HO-2-5544

FOR RENT: Business location w/living quarters across from school. See Jim Lake at Swanee Slopes.

FOR RENT: House trailer with lean-to. 1 block from shopping center. Call HO-2-5326. SHOOSHANIAN


This column is provided by the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. Reach them at [email protected] or leave a message at 688-4706.

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