Eklutna breaks ground

Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 06:53
Seeks tenants for new headquarters
Eklutna, Inc. has recently cleared land it plans to use to build a new headquarters in downtown Eagle River across from the Fred Meyer store.

Eklutna, Inc. is hoping to move into its new headquarters in Eagle River in the next two years.

“We’re getting it prepped,” CEO Curtis McQueen said of the 10-acre parcel located across the Old Glenn Highway from Fred Meyer. “We’re excited.”

Currently, contractor Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. are clearing gravel at the “Eklutna Plaza” site. The project started June 1 and should be completed by mid-August, McQueen said.

The high-quality gravel being cleared will also be used for the building pad.

“Davis said, ‘We think all this material is perfect,’” McQueen said. “It’s a win-win.”

During a presentation made to the Eagle River Community Council in September, a mock-up of the property showed room for three commercial buildings with a two-tiered parking lot.

McQueen said Eklutna, Inc. — Anchorage’s largest private landowner — wanted to clear the location before reaching out to potential tenants.

Having the site cleared makes it easier for potential clients to visualize where their business would be located, he said.

Eklutna is hoping to move into the new location and have other businesses operating out of the plaza within 24 months, McQueen said.

The Native corporation’s new office, which would face the highway, is a way to remind passers-by of Eklutna, Inc.’s presence, McQueen said.

“We want people passing through Eagle River to know they are passing through Eklutna land,” he said.


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