'Gathering' for those in need

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 08:00

The Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club had joined hands with local businesses to introduce “The Gathering.”

The Gathering is a food donation and incentive project to benefit the Food Pantry at the Eagle River Church of God, 17108 Hanson Drive in Eagle River (behind the Cache).

Several months ago, a member of the Sleeping Lady Mountain Lion Club went to the food pantry to see how she and the Lions Club could help feed those in need in this area.

After approaching local businesses and determining how eager they were to help, the Lions put out collection barrels in several business locations; however, the public’s participation was not as great as anticipated. So, the chair of the project realized there was need for more “word of mouth,” and the brainstorming began.

The Eagle River Cache was approached about donating ad space. Once again, they too were very eager to support the Lions’ newest endeavor. What an awesome community of local businesses we have here in the Eagle River area!

In order to encourage more donations, a “circle of giving” was established. Because of the generosity of The Cache, ad space was available to give the project more “word of mouth.” Businesses that are hosting The Gathering are noted in the ad, as well as an incentive they’re giving to customers who donate food. Therefore, the public can give and receive when they visit that month’s participating business. Finally, the food pantry will benefit from the local community participating in this project.

Because the food pantry at the Eagle River Chuch of God is not a government-run program and feeds more than 1,000 people a month, there is a high need for certain food items. The Gathering is aimed at filling that need. Families who use the food pantry are often just down on their luck or need a little short time help. This program, as well as their wonderful staff of volunteers, allows them to stop by and pick up food to feed their families.

Support from our community, especially Fred Meyer, Walmart and Carrs, allows this program to continue. The fruits, vegetables, bread an meat are primarily donated from these local stores.

The Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club is proud to support the food pantry because they help others. We appreciate those who join hands in support of our community.

If you are interested in this project or have questions about the Lions, please see our website at www.sleepingladylionsclub.org and contact us today!

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