"Fire Prevention Association to end service to non-members"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 19:40

From a column in the Knik Arm Courier, June 15, 1960:

The Chugiak Fire Prevention Association, at their meeting last Monday, voted that due to a serious shortage of funds, they will be forced to refuse fire protection to all but paid up members of the association.

The recent drive for membership has brought forth few new members, and the existing funds must be rationed to enable the fire company to function throughout the coming winter.

This means that in the future, before any piece of fire equipment will be mobilized, a check will be made to determine if the person seeking assistance is a paid up member of the association or not.

President of the fire association, Ray Henriches, says this is not any attempt to “blackmail” residents into joining the association, but the only possible solution to the fair expenditure of the very limited funds. He said that a previous plan to bill non subscribers for the cost of answering fire and rescue calls has not proved successful, and the fire association has yet to collect for a single such call.

Mr. Henriches regrets the necessity of such a decision as do all the members of the board and the Fire Company.


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