"Tall tail fails to fool police"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 23:41

From a column in the Knik Arm Courier, Jan. 31, 1962:

A wild tale, invented by a fourteen year old Birchwood boy to account for a gunshot wound, failed to fool State Troopers.

The boy claimed to have snared a rabbit and had been shot in the hand by a strange man after that man had taken the rabbit away from him.

Later the boy confessed to the police that he had made the story up to hide the fact that he had shot himself with one of two pistols which he had stolen from the home of Peter Dahlmann of Birchwood.

Mrs. Dahlmann had reported the break-in and theft of the guns to police. A trail of blood from the boy’s wound led to his arrest later that afternoon.

The youth has been turned over to juvenile authorities and the guns returned to Dahlmann.


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