Another look at signs

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 11:43

This sign war thing is sure interesting! My favorite yard is the one with all three house 26 seat Republicans in it. I like seeing all the signs, it just plain gets me excited about voting, and is all about our American liberties. If you are one of our citizens mad over signs I hope I see you out taking down the old signs on the overpasses and garage sale signs. What is worse is there is burned debris on both our overpasses. I reported one but I’m not sure any response was made. I have also reported the graffiti we have in Eagle River. Swastika’s and, well, things painted I don’t want to talk about!

We have bigger problems than candidates’ signs being posted! It would be a waste of official time to enforce a law over such a things when we should be out for the public’s safety. Have you noticed the DUI’s in Eagle River? Maybe you should have asked if they were for the Walmart liquor store. Just a note, the signs I don’t really like are the new wood yellow and green ones on the Loop Road. One would have been plenty good, but three — are we encouraging spending? I hope you are encouraged by the patriotic colors on the streets like I am and you will get out and vote on Tuesday.

— Sheryl Stevens

Eagle River

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