Pick up your poop

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 21:05

The Loretta French ball fields have received a lot more additional use this last year than in previous years. The new bike path on the Old Glenn, improved parking area, improved baseball facilities all have added to the draw of this facility. My wife and I live close by and for years walk the park multiple times a week and have seen the impact of additional people. We walk our dogs there and are amazed at the lack of control people have on their pets. Our leashed large breeds have been attacked by unleashed dogs that were uncontrollable by their owners. More commonly I am shocked at the piles of dog poop people just leave behind when their pets decide to defecate. We always pick up our large breed piles of dog poop and are wondering if anyone else who uses the park does. It is easy folks. Take a Carr’s grocery bag and stick it in our pocket. When your dog takes a dump, pull the bag out of your pocket, put your hand in the bag, pick the pile of poop up using your hand but not touching it as the bag is between you and the smelly stuff, turn the bag inside out, tie a knot in the bag to keep the smell inside the bag and drop it in one of the many garbage cans at the park. Now my dogs will not be distracted to smell the pile your dog left behind and will make the park a lot more enjoyable for everyone. You will feel good for doing your part and not leaving a mess for the rest of us to step in.


— Steve Bergh


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