"Seventh graders to gain advantages"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 22:00

Reprinted with minor editing for clarification from the Aug. 16, 1967 issue of the Knik Arm Courier:

A meeting held by school administrators at Chugiak High School outlined for parents the advantages that would be offered to seventh grade students upon being transferred to the high school. They had previously attended classes at Eagle River Elementary School. Re-locatable classrooms were constructed behind the high school this summer.

Some of the advantages outlined were that each seventh grade boy will be able to take a quarter (9 weeks) of woodshop and each seventh grade girl will be able to take one quarter of home economics. Also, each seventh grade student will be able to take one quarter of general music and one semester of physical education. This will in no way cut into the time allotted for high school students in these subjects.

A special reading teacher has been hired for the seventh grade, and she will conduct a non-graded reading program, with a special speed reading course for those with above-average abilities.

The high school will have two separate lunch shifts to accommodate the additional students. One shift will feed the seventh and eighth grade students, while the upper grades will eat lunch during the second shift.

Principal Larry Graham stated that, at present, students will have to shift from one of the detached relocatables to the other for the changing of classes. Having teachers move from one classroom to the other while students remain in one place is not workable. He added that the seventh grade students will be transported on the same bus as the high school students.


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