All-Cook Inlet Conference football selections announced

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 20:03
Four Mustangs, four Wolves receive First Team honors
Eagle River’s Andre White makes a tackle against East this season. White was one of four Wolves selected All-CIC.

Four Mustangs, four Wolves receive First Team honors

Eight local football players earned First Team, All-Cook Inlet Conference honors last week.

Ken Pegues (center), Matt Oldenkamp (tight end), Justin Benzel (outside linebacker) and Tyler Rohde (kick returner) were selected from Chugiak High. Corbin Duxbury (tight end), Jeavonte Dunn (defensive back), Jordan Patin (kicking specialist) and Andre White (long snapper) represented Eagle River High.

Rohde (free safety), along with teammates Austin Boone (defensive end) and Dakota Benzel (linebacker), earned Second Team honors.

White (outside lineman), Jachi Madubuko (running back) and Ed Hall (linebacker) were named to the Second Team from Eagle River.

Deven Ferriss (defensive back), Dakota Benzel (guard) and David Mayhew (quarterback) were honorable mention for the Mustangs. Rydell Reinbold (lineman), Josh Bogowith (defensive line) and Isaiah Banks (defensive back) were honorable mention for the Wolves.

West quarterback Conor Feckley was named Offensive Player of the Year. Defensive Player of the Year went to Dalton Sauder of South. East’s Ma’o Tosi was named Lineman of the Year and fellow T-Bird Jarred Laws received Utility Player of the Year honors.

Service swept the coaching awards, with Coach of the Year going to Numi Ilalio and Assistant Coach of the Year going to William Fomai.


2012 All-Cook Inlet Conference football selections

First Team offense:

Center — Michael Muller-Stubblefield, Service; Justin Moore, South. Tackle — Tarini Tosi, East; Kenny Pegues, Chugiak; Kieran Kuiper, West. Tight end — Louis Page, South; Matt Oldenkamp, Chugiak; Corbin Duxbury, Eagle River. Wide Receiver — Edress Irving III, Bartlett; Nik Butler, Service; Jarred Laws, East; Eric Vandervort, West. Quarterback — Amu Aukusitino, Service; Conor Feckley, West; Running back — Diego Su’a Te’o, East; Dante Williams, South.

Second Team offense:

Center — Prince Launiuvao, Dimond; Rambo Sega, West. Guard — Esene Tui, West; Josh Maua, Bartlett; Jaramie Augafa, South. Tackle — Ezera Afualo, South; Ryan Hellenga, Dimond. Wide receiver — Leroy Elliott, West; Kylelle Brown, Service. Quarterback — Zach Lujan, South; C.J. Toomer, Service; Jesse Vanilau, East. Fullback — Ed Jones, East. Running back — Jachi Madubuko, Eagle River; Ihro Raguindin, Service; Armani Tufaga, Dimond.

First Team defense:

Free safety — Matthew Ilalio, Service. Strong safety — Trevor Williamson, Service. Defensive end — Lincoln Tulimasaelii. Outside linebacker — Justin Benzel, Chugiak; Armani Tufaga, Dimond; Kendell Scott, Dimond. Defensive line — Ma’o Tosi, East. Linebacker — Erich Pili, Service; Hiapo McCandless, Service; Kekoa Fomai, Service; Dalton Sauder, South; Tommy Hopp, South; Sharif Taha, South; Nathan Sailele, West; Randall Wilson, West. Inside linebacker — Tonga Unga, Dimond. Defensive back — Javonte Dunn, Eagle River; Ryan Brady, Dimond; Kahlil Autry, South; Jarred Laws, East.

Second Team defense:

Defensive end — David Alston, South; Austin Boone, Chugiak. Defensive line — Isaiah Pili, Dimond; Brandon Ishnook, Service; Jeremiah Ieremia, East. Defensive tackle — Rex Safiti, Bartlett; Tevita Fehoko, West. Defensive back — Osa Atiifale, East; Jakeil Bell, East; Wade Ellis, South. Free safety — Tyler Rohde, Chugiak; Alec Valdez, South. Linebacker — Dakota Benzel, Chugiak; Sam McCallum, Service; Dante Washington, Bartlett; Ed Hall, Eagle River. Outside lineman — Andre White, Eagle River; Michael Pearce, Service. Cornerback — Christian Nidoy, West.

Specialist positions

Kicking specialist — Eyob Imlach, South; Ihro Raguindin, Service. Punting specialist — Dante Washington, Bartlett; Griffin Toomey, South; C.J. Toomer, Service; Jordan Patin, Eagle River. Kick returner — Tyler Rohde, Chugiak; Kylelle Brown, Service. Long snapper — Kekoa Fomai, Service; Presley Piliati, East; Andre White, Eagle River; Ezera Afualo, South.

Honorable mention:

Zyrelle Jones, Bartlett quarterback; Trent Murtha, Bartlett nose tackle; Keeandre Rowland, Bartlett wide receiver; Deven Ferriss, Chugiak defensive back; Dakota Benzel, Chugiak guard; David Mayhew, Chugiak quarterback; Elijah Pili, Dimond defensive back; Baily Hartman, Dimond tackle; Payton Lauwers, Dimond defensive back; Stanford Liaga, Dimond inside linebacker; Ma’o Tosi, East outside lineman; Jacob Blunt, East defensive back; Tusa Tanuvasa, East defensive line; Presley Piliati, East linebacker; Etisone Mulu, East linebacker; Rydell Reinbold, Eagle River outside lineman; Joshua Bogowith, Eagle River defensive line; Isaiah Banks, Eagle River defensive back; Richard Brault, Service defensive line; Levi Hansen, Service linebacker; Michael Corder, Service running back; Nick Cruz, Service defensive line; Jasper Hedstrom, Service defensive back; Anthony Sheppard, Service tight end; Jared Hudson, Service defensive end; John Widmar, South tackle; Nick Settle, South running back; Taylor Faagau, South running back; Justice Augafa, South linebacker; Griffin Toomey, South wide receiver; Trea Samifua, West guard; Dave Tuilimu, West linebacker; Billy Fuller, West linebacker; Chris Feero, West tackle; Ati Silva, West defensive tackle.

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