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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 13:45

Snowy winter expected

The Chugiak-Eagle River area was blanketed with more than a foot of new snow, leaving area residents and road crews scrambling to keep up.

A photo on Page 2 of the Oct. 25, 2001 edition of the Star showed Teklanika Drive residents Ron Waisanen and Art Foust working to clear their driveways — Waisanen with a shovel, Foust with a snow blower.


Don’t play with guns

An Anchorage woman was injured by a gunshot from the back seat of the car she was riding in Eagle River.

According to police, a friend of the woman was “playing around with a gun” when it accidentally fired.

The driver and both passengers got out of the vehicle and called 911. Police said the woman could be heard in the background saying, “I can’t believe you shot me.”


Local hero returns from Ground Zero

Eagle River physician’s assistant Fred May returned to town after spending 12 days dispensing care to cleanup workers at the site of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in New York City.

May said the experience was intense.

“I’m just not really sure there are the words,” May told the Star.

May provided medical care to workers as they worked to clear debris. Most of his work involved minor injuries, though he said he sometimes served as a sympathetic listener in a world of chaos.

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