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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 20:04
Chugiak father and son appear in horror movie
Chugiak High senior Wolfgang Danger, top left, poses for a picture with the cast of “Killjoy Goes to Hell.” Danger and his father, Nick, kneeling in the center, performed stunts for the film.

With Halloween nearing, now is the time when we intentionally frighten ourselves — whether it be entering into the pitch dark unknown of a haunted house or curling up on the couch for a horror movie marathon.

If the latter is to your liking, look close enough and you might recognize a Chugiak High senior.

Wolfgang Danger was one of the stunt performers in the recently released film “Killjoy Goes to Hell.”

The fourth installment of the series, which came out on Redbox last week, has demonic clown Killjoy on trial in the underworld for failing to claim his latest victim’s soul, according to a press release.

Wolfgang and his father, Nick, are two of about 30 who engage in a giant battle that pits demons against clowns near the end of the film. Nick, a demon, even goes one-on-one against his son, a red-nosed clown, and breaks a wooden spear over his head.

“I’ve been hit with worse,” Wolfgang quipped. “It was pretty fun.”

Staged fighting comes naturally to the Dangers. Nick, a former professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation, has passed his training onto his son.

“I’ve been in the ring pretty much since I was three,” Wolfgang said.

It’s also how he got the job.

Wolfgang’s uncle, Al, also a wrestler, was in “Killjoy 3” and enlisted the father-son duo in the fourth film. Nearly everyone involved in the final melee scene has a wrestling background, Wolfgang said.

It was a great feeling to watch his son follow in his footsteps, Nick said.

“I realize that it’s just a B movie, but it’s still pretty cool,” he said.

After Nick was let go from the WWF, he wrestled in Oregon — where he was offered his first movie role. Nick moved to Los Angeles and appeared in television shows such as “Rosanne,” “Murphy Brown” and “Married With Children.” Nick left California after five years, but said he still takes some roles a couple times a year.

The Dangers spent a week in LA filming “Killjoy” in February. Much of the filming was done in the middle of the night, Wolfgang said.

Appearing in his first movie at age 17 was “pretty awesome,” Wolfgang said.

“It was all around a pretty good experience,” he said.

Wolfgang and Nick plan to head back to LA to film stunts for another movie in early 2013. After graduation, Wolfgang said he wants to pursue a professional wrestling and/or film career.

He said he plans to attend college in the Lower 48 to make that dream easier.

Whether it’s stunts or speaking roles, Wolfgang said he just wants to break into the industry.

“Anything I could get would be awesome,” he said.

His first movie is something Wolfgang will always remember.

“It was definitely a great time,” he said.

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