Proposed AFD cuts would be detrimental to Eagle River

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 21:31

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, my daughter, mom and I were present at the Anchorage Assembly meeting and testified on behalf of the Anchorage Fire Department against the budget cuts pertaining to Station 11 here in Eagle River.

This cut would be a drastic loss for the Eagle River community. The ladder truck that is subject to be removed is the only truck able to navigate roads in Eagle River such as Skyline Drive or Hiland Road.

Removing this truck will also cause delays in emergency response times. This is the part that bugs me the most, and I feel that the community should be made aware.

The story following may seem very familiar to you and is the reason:

On Jan. 6, 2007, my two children and their two cousins were visiting their grandparents for the day. While there, a devastating fire broke out. The four children were trapped inside.

A call was made to emergency services and they were dispatched, but to Eagle Street in Anchorage instead of Eagle River Road in Eagle River by error. This in turn caused a delay in response.

The outcome of the fire was the loss of two young children and two badly injured children who will endure the pain for the rest of their lives, as well as an almost complete loss of a home and pets.

This was a delay of only two to five minutes. The proposed cuts would cause delays of 15 minutes or more to parts of Eagle River.

Delays like this will cost more people their homes and will cost lives. Cutting services will also cause the people of Eagle River to pay higher taxes as well as high insurance for their homes and businesses.

The next Assembly meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 30. I will be there testifying again.


— Jasmine Dirkes

Eagle River

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