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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 19:31

Welcome, comrades

Seven Soviet citizens ­— six women and one man — from Khabarovsk, Siberia, visited Ravenwood Elementary as part of a cultural exchange sponsored by several Anchorage businesses.

The Soviets, all employees of the airline Aeroflot, were treated to a Russian peace song by sixth-graders in Barbara Bernard’s class. They also got a tour of the school’s photocopying room, where the man, a former teacher, marveled at the technology and said the copier was “beyond his wildest fantasies,” according to Ravenwood principal Arge Jeffrey.

The group was also wowed by a set of scented markers in the school’s art room. After the visit, art teacher Christina Kaminski offered a box of the fruit-scented markers to each of the visitors.


On the eve of war

With the U.S. on the verge of invading Iraq following that country’s occupation of Kuwait, the Star’s editorial page urged policymakers to use caution and consideration before taking military action:

“…The issues are more complex in this threat to peace. The public deserves to know more about those issues. Reason should prevail. If reasonable people are involved, there is some hope for a peaceful resolution. If reason does not prevail, the choices will be few. The consequences will be many...

“Only in fairy tales do bullies see the error of their ways and repent because a victim turns the other cheek or takes the long way home to avoid further contact.”

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