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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 19:00

WalMart announces Eagle River expansion

Value shoppers in Eagle River learned they’d soon have more choices when the Eagle River WalMart announced plans to expand. According to developers, the store at the corner of Eagle River and Eagle River Loop would be growing by 62,000 square feet.

Planned additions included a full-service grocery store and a liquor store. WalMart regional community affairs manager Eric Berger said the Arkansas-based retailer planned to work with community members before moving forward with the expansion.

“We have recognized that communities have higher standards. We want to work with the community and make sure we are responsive to legitimate concerns,” he said.


Locals help with hurricane relief

A group of local emergency responders returned home after lending a hand with victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which displaced thousands of Gulf Coast residents.

Eight Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department members spent an average of four to six weeks in Alabama and Mississippi, doing everything from handing out meals to fixing roofs and looking for treasured photographs in the rubble.

They also did their best to lend a sympathetic ear to victims, said paramedic Beth Nelson.

“Going from where they started to where we were, they didn’t have anyone to tell their stories to,” Nelson said.

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