Not too late to send letters to Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 19:00

Every year, we get peppered with questions from young readers asking if we have ever interviewed Santa Claus. Well of course we have! Whenever the Star needs a good source on, say, reindeer behavior or toy maintenance, he’s the first person we call. And most of the time, he’s just as jolly as can be to speak with the media.

But there’s one time of year when Santa can’t be bothered for interviews from the press. That’s the Christmas season, when he and his army of elves is busily putting the finishing touches on this year’s toys and goodies.

That means The Star won’t be running any stories about Santa between now and Christmas. It would simply be too difficult to get an interview with the world’s businest toymaker, and we aren’t about to try.

However, we were able to speak with Santa before the recent Christmas surge began, and he said he’s an avid reader of the Chugiak-Eagle River Star. In fact, he said his favorite part of the holiday season is when he gets to read our special Letters to Santa edition, in which Chugiak and Eagle River boys and girls spell out their last-minute requests. Santa says this is the best way to reach him in the final days before Christmas, and he guaranteed anyone whose letter appears in the Star will get his undivided attention.

In order for children to get letters into this year’s edition, letters must be dropped by our offices at 11401 Old Glenn Highway, Suite 105, by Monday, Dec. 17. If we’re not in the office, just drop the letter through our mail slot. Letters will appear in the Dec. 20 edition of the Star — just in time for Santa to read them before he heads out into the chilly Christmas Eve night!

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