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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 19:00

Fire destroys downtown building

A fire that destroyed a commercial building on Eagle River Loop caused $150,000-200,000 in damages, according to a story on the front page of the Dec. 16, 1992 Chugiak-Eagle River Star.

According to firefighters, the blaze likely started with an overhead gas heater. It likely burned undetected for several hours, then exploded once it reached the outside air, according to Station 11 captain Bob Benson.

“It was just sitting, waiting for the air,” Benson told the Star. “And once it got air — BOOM — everything went.”

The building housed Heatco Plumbing and Heating, Amazon Upholstery and Alaska Safety Awareness Project.


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A local man disputed a previous Star account of a recovered stolen vehicle.

According to Steve Grohol, a recent story that credited “sharp-eyed” police for locating his stolen car was “totally bogus.”

Instead, Grohol said it was he and a friend who spotted Grohol’s stolen vehicle and held the 15-year-old thief until cops arrived. Grohol said several police cars drove past the situation before he and his friend were finally able to convince one to stop.

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