Lions Give Grandma a Treasure!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 19:00

It twas one early crisp morning during spring break up when a very elderly lady was confronted with not one, but a whole pack of Lions, and her life was to be forever changed.

The lady was fondly called Grandma. Grandma was a very stout woman, who carried joy all about her. You couldn’t help but smile and share in the love she spewed in every breath as she told of her life of many years in Alaska. By any standard you could tell Grandma was nowhere close to being affluent, but nor was she wanting. Like many of the pioneers of past, the frontier had taken its toll on Grandma. Grandma had grown accustomed to how gravity, cold and dark winter nights, bright summer sunshine and overwhelmingly harsh living had tempered her body. In the most recent years Grandma could barely see anything. Grandma’s sight was like looking through a glass of milky river water, but no matter to her, “it is what it is, I still get by, and I’m love’n life every day.” She was just at peace with what life had given her.

On this particular day, Grandma was accompanied by her daughter and the pride of her every waking moment, her grandbaby. There was nothing more joyful in life than the laughter her grandbaby spouted nearly endlessly, or at least until the day Grandma was coaxed into a corner by the Lions.

On that spring day, the Lions had persuaded Grandma to visit a very generous eye doctor helping the people the Lions find having an unanswered need. Grandma went into that office tucked away in the corner, sitting down in the most pristine leather chair, with a bunch of hi-tech gadgets all around it. After just a few moments, the nice eye doctor gave one of those prowling Lions a piece a paper, and in just moments he had returned with a handful of spectacles as Grandma had called them. Moments later the doctor had found one of those spectacles to fit Grandma like a brand new pair of moose-hide gloves. When she put them on, it was like she just had an out-a-body experience, as she screamed with joy, “Praise be to God!” She looked all about her, and everything was so crystal clear. She left the doctor’s chair with a renewed vigor all about her.

As Grandma left the eye doctor’s office, she boastfully went into the sitting area where her daughter and grandbaby were waiting. The moment she opened the door, her grandbaby saw Grandma’s new spectacles and came running over, laughing endearingly, saying, “Grandma you look so funny!” At that very moment Grandma dropped to her knees and burst into tears, as she caressed her grandbaby’s face, “baby, you are so, so beautiful!”

Up until that moment Grandma only recognized her grandbaby by a hazy silhouette filled with laughter.

That day, the Lions gave Grandma a gift that she will treasure until her last breath. The Lions changed not one, but three lives that early spring day. Every Lion can be part of this story line. It starts with just one pair of eyeglasses.

We Lions of Multiple District 49 are proud to be a part of our very own Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recycling & Vision Center (ABLERC) in North Pole. We collect nearly 40,000 pairs of glasses every year, and produce nearly 25,000 ready-to-wear pairs to be given to Alaska residents or others across the globe. We need people like you to help us on many fronts, collecting and shipping eyeglasses to the center, processing eyeglasses, assisting on our monthly Lions Eye Care Day and supporting us financially. There’s so much more to the story of our pride and joy, and it’s all because the Lions of Multiple District 49 help us at every step. Call/e-mail Howard Rixie for more information at 907-378-7797 or [email protected].


Lions to host Valentine’s Dinner

The Lions will host their annual Valentine’s Dinner Feb. 9 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Eagle River Lions Clubhouse. Tickets can be purchased at the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce or by calling Lion Sonia 764-8908. $25 a person or a table for $200.

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