21 years ago in the Star

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 19:00

Mushers, riders don’t mix

Incidents of illegal snowmachine riding at the Beach Lake mushing trails were on the rise, according to Chugiak Dog Mushers Association president Val Aron.

Aron said the incidents had been reported to police, but that usually nothing could be done because of a lack of solid information.

Musher Susan Cantor reported being delayed during the Chugiak 50 race by a group of three snowmachiners who refused to yield the trail, according to a 1992 story.

Iditarod musher Joe Carpenter said he also encountered a snowmachine in the Chugiak 50.

“People think that’s an open area for whatever they want to do,” he told the Star.


Holiday boom at 7-11

Eagle River 7-11 employee Louise Burkhead reported “crazy” traffic at the convenience store on Christmas Day, as last-minute shoppers scavenged shelves in search of much-needed items.

“There was a lot of money being spent. A lot of money,” Burkhead told the Star.

Popular items were evaporated milk, eggs, bacon, celery, canned vegetables, bread, rolls, boxed potatoes and liquor.

At Mapco, manager Jody Stage said sales were just as busy.

“Our sales were tripled,” she said. “And Christmas Eve, inside sales were doubled.”

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