"Number, please"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 19:00

From a column by editor Rusty Bellringer in the Knik Arm Courier, June, 1963:

The Matanuska Telephone Association announces that June 30, 1963 will be the “Change-Over” date in the Greater Chugiak Area.

On this date, subscribers will start using the telephone numbers as given in the new temporary directory.

It will necessarily take a few days to hook up all of the lines. Dial “0” for assistance if there is any trouble.

As of this date, calls between the Greater Chugiak Area and Anchorage will be toll free.

To call Anchorage, residents of the Greater Chugiak Area will dial a single digit, “3”.

The Anchorage operator will answer, “Number please.”

The caller will then give the number of the party called and she will dial it. The operator will not wait on the line after she has dialed the number.

The calling party will hear a ringing signal, and when the party answers, the conversation may be started.

If the called party does not answer, or a busy signal is heard, the caller should hang up and place the call later.


A short article in the Courier two months later stated:

MTA subscribers in the Greater Chugiak Area have discovered that the correct time service offered by the Anchorage telephone company is now available with the advent of toll free service in Anchorage.

All local subscribers need do is dial “3” to get the special operator, and ask her to dial Broadway 7-0201.

This will connect them with the “Correct Time” service.


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