Sensible solutions needed on gun issue

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 19:00

I learned about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary as I looked out at my own class of 32 students. As a teacher and father of two, my heart sank and my mind raced as I struggled to get through the day. I can’t imagine the pain those parents, and their community experience to this day.

Since then, we’ve all had time to reflect on that event. As a responsible nation of citizens, it’s important for us to look at what we can control and discuss how to better protect ourselves, especially children from harm. We can all agree that no law or well-intentioned idea will eliminate all acts of violence. That being said, I believe the proposals and executive actions taken by President Obama are a comprehensive and responsible step in addressing this issue.

I have read the thoughts of some responsible gun owners and Alaska legislators who are concerned about protecting our second amendment rights. As a former member of the Military, gun owner and hunter, I also believe in the privilege of owning a firearm, both for safety and recreation. Yet as I look over the proposals and executive actions, I find absolutely no reason to think my right to own a firearm is threatened. I believe no rational person thinks the government is going to take away their guns. It seems the real debate is where to draw the line on what type of firearm, ammunition and magazine are reasonable and appropriate for public safety.

The horrible acts committed at Sandy Hook were by one man. Responsible gun owners and the NRA should not be directly blamed for that tragedy and other acts of gun violence. But they are, along with the rest of the nation, responsible for sensible solutions to prevent them in the future.



— Jacob Bera


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