"First round lost"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 19:00
CHS students visit site of proposed new state capital site in Willow, 1978.

Well, the first round in the fight to move the capital is over, with the opponents of Initiative One the victors.

However, it is obvious that the proponents of the capital move have only just begun to fight and the move the capital issue is rising like the Phoenix from its own ashes.

There have been those who have cried “poor losers” and offered criticism at the unwillingness of the above group to accept “the will of the people.” But was there ever a political issue that was willing to quit trying after the first defeat? For years candidates for public office have been defeated by “the will of the people” only to appear again at the next election hoping to do a better job of selling themselves; and eventually many of them are elected.

We doubt the initiative would have carried if the Alaska United group would have peacefully accepted “the will of the people” and gracefully conceded defeat. No. they made no secret of the fact (even before the election) that should the initiative carry, they intended to go to the courts to question the constitutionality of the initiative.

We can all be sure of one thing. The capital move is still a very live issue, and the citizens of Juneau will still rest uneasily; not knowing if their victory is only a temporary one or not.


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