Thanks for the helping hand

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 19:00

I live at the bottom of a long drive, which is maintained with a snowblower. My drive intersects with Eagle River Lane south of Ptarmigan Blvd.

Today, I drove up to pick up my mail at the cluster box and found myself plowed in. The berm was about a foot deep but hard as a rock. I tried to shovel it out, but couldn’t even make a dent. I am 78-years-old.

There is a Water Utility building nearby and the employee there came up and shoveled it out for me.

His name was Mike Reichert (sp?) and I just want to thank him for helping me out. I am speech impaired and couldn’t say “thank you,” so I want to put it in writing.

Thanks, Mike!


— Mary Sundt

Eagle River

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