"Snowballing vigilantes build fort around school"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 19:00

Note: The following article is from a scrap of paper found in a sack full of old Anchorage Times newspapers that was recently left with the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society. This article had no date on it, but we surmise it would have been early 1975, since the “new” Chugiak Elementary School opened in the spring of that year. Does anyone care to “fess up” to being in on this caper?


Almost everyone is denying it, but it appears as if a self-appointed anonymous group — who from now on might best be referred to as Eagle River’s Snowballing Vigilantes — was out in force the other night dumping about four truck loads of snow on the grounds of Chugiak Elementary School.

This was done, according to an anonymous tipster, to block the Anchorage Borough from “stealing” several relocatable classroom buildings from the grounds.

The Snowballing Vigilantes consider the portable buildings the rightful property of the Chugiak-Eagle River Borough.

So the snow was dumped in neat piles alongside the buildings, blocking any attempt that might be made to remove the portables. Then a piece of heavy equipment was jockeyed into place behind the pile for a little extra insurance.

Galen Atwater, an unsuccessful candidate for the state Senate last fall, notified the Times of the alleged classroom removal caper before the snow-piling incident occurred sometime Thursday night.

He, too, knows nothing about the works of the local vigilante group, only that the Anchorage Borough is trying “to steal our buildings.”

Atwater says the state, in providing for the new borough’s independence, intended that anything within the boundary of the new borough is considered as an asset of the Chugiak-Eagle River Borough, including relocatable classrooms that initially belonged to the Greater Anchorage Area Borough School District.

Joe Montgomery, superintendent of Anchorage schools, believes this question has to be determined by the Local Boundary Commission, and that the Anchorage Borough has no intention, at this time, to remove the portables from Chugiak Elementary

Montgomery hired an Eagle River outfit, Jones Tool Rental, to clear snow from around the base of the relocatable buildings so that the utility hookups could be disconnected when the entire student body and faculty moves to a new school near the rodeo grounds.


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