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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 19:00

Bad night in Birchwood

A trip to the Pacesetter Lounge in North Birchwood turned out all kinds of bad for 26-year-old Russell G. Johnson. According to an item on Page 5, “Johnson’s downfall began when he called police from a N. Eagle River Loop Road address and reported he had been assaulted…”

According to the report, Johnson told police he’d been winning at pool, and tried to leave while he was ahead. No such luck. According to his report, an unknown, thin, 27-year-old white male with a full beard struck Johnson with a pool stick. Two other men then also jumped into the fray, he alleged.

Unfortunately for Johnson, when he and the cops returned to the bar, none of the alleged suspects were around – and nobody who was claimed to know anything about any assault.

Police didn’t leave empty handed, though. During a routine check, they learned Johnson himself had outstanding warrants for DWI and reckless driving.

He was taken to the 6th Avenue Jail.


Glenn shooter convicted of murder

Douglas Gustafson, 18, was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 20-year-old Jeffery Cain, according to a front-page story detailing the verdict.

According to the story, Gustafson had originally been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting, which occurred the previous fall on the Glenn Highway. The piece said Gustafson, who was a passenger in one vehicle, shot Cain, a passenger in another car, while they were driving.

Gustafson’s attorney said he planned to appeal the verdict.

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