"Easter Bunny guest at big hunt"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 19:00

From a column in the Knik Arm Courier, April 20, 1960:


A giant sized white rabbit carrying a basket of colored eggs strolled among youngsters at the Peters Creek Community Club annual Easter Egg Hunt last Sunday.

As the children hunted among the dry grass clumps and patches of snow at the Mile 22.5 gravel pit, the bunny passed out eggs to the younger and less successful hunters.

In addition to the dozens of multi-colored eggs which had been hidden earlier in the day, there were a number of silver eggs, which entitled the lucky finder to a special prize.

The finders of the silver eggs were: Aprile Stephens, Theresa Rosenberg, Lenna Rae Reid, Debra Jo Reid, Mary Gail Robinson, Timmy Reid, Susie Lowe, Mark Whaley, Ricky Stephens, Carol Robinson, Maxie Rae Bellringer and Roger Asher.

These were awarded special chocolate and scenic Easter Eggs.


Selected notes of interest from Chugiak School

The students enjoyed a half-day vacation on Friday, April 15. Lunch was served in order to count Friday as a full school day.

6th Grade — Mrs. D’Spain is teaching us to square dance. We had a wonderful time, although sometimes we would get mixed up or something would go wrong. We are looking forward for the next time we have square dances.

4th Grade — Ralph Whitt brought a little mouse to school yesterday. At lunch we got some food for it, but it didn’t eat. It bit Kenny Burns on the hand when it got loose on the bus.

3rd Grade — We have had a good time in our room getting ready for the Easter bunny. Our room is decorated with rabbits and eggs of all colors; purple, pink and yellow.

**These school notes were submitted by students in those grades, not the teachers.


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