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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 19:00

‘Weirdos’ no reason to ban guns

An assassination attempt on President Reagan four days prior was no reason to push for tighter gun laws, according to an editorial by Star editor Lee Jordan.

“We cannot join those voices who would ban the sale of handguns or require registration of all firearms. Availability of guns is not the problem,” read and editorial on Page 2 of the April 2, 1981 edition.

The piece said that instead of gun control, the nation should spend more resources on keeping unbalanced individuals off the streets:

“Until the number of weirdos running around has been reduced and some action taken to curb the things which trigger their violent disregard for life, Americans will not give up their right to own firearms…”


Chocolate bandit on the loose

Workers at the Eagle River Carrs grocery store reported to police that a shoplifting suspect had eluded their grasp recently.

According to an item in the police report, store employees said they observed a teenage girl leaving the store with a half-pound Hershey bar. An employee tried to chase the girl down, but he couldn’t catch her.

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